BRZRKR: Bloodlines

BRZRKR: Bloodlines
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    BRZRKR: Bloodlines 2024

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    Mattson Tomlin

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In Poetry of Madness, B. safeguards the advanced and ancient realm of Atlantis as its unstoppable protector. But a sickly monarch serves as a symbol for the rot inside and the cracks created by a secret cult might spell a monstrous end for the legendary city, one beyond even B.''s ability to save. In Fallen Empire, a former kingdom eradicated by the BRZRKR has a single living survivor. She and her people knew B. as the God King. In this tragic story of death and cataclysm, the survivor recounts a fable in which lost love, manipulation, and warring empires brought out the very worst of Unute... Collects BRZRKR: Poetry of Madness #1 and BRZRKR: Fallen Empire #1.

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