Crossed: Badlands

Crossed: Badlands
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    Crossed: Badlands 2011

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    Garth Ennis

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Crossed: Badlands Average 4.21/5 - out of 14 total votes.


The vicious and merciless world of the Crossed has pushed hardcore horror storytelling to the brink and now with the release of Crossed: Badlands, it goes beyond. Join us as the original Crossed creative team returns! Garth Ennis launches the all-new ongoing BI-WEEKLY series with the fellow horror luminary, artist Jacen Burrows. What is to follow is nothing short of ground breaking survival horror at its best and most frightening. Even better, a new issue will be coming out every 2 weeks! Picture the cruelest affronts to decency. Conjure your darkest nightmares... and then realize it could all be so much worse. When civilization crumbles in one terrifying moment; when people are gleefully breaking into unthinkable acts of violence all around you; when everyone you love has died screaming in agony: What do you do? There is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There is only the Crossed.

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