The Last Barbarians

The Last Barbarians
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To be Classless is a whole new low… You''d think in a fantastic world full of giants, magic, and flying fish, it would be a world of possibility. But you''d be dead wrong here! Sylv is a jack of all trades; she can fight with the best of them, pick most pockets, and even cast a third-level spell or two. It''s too bad for her that if you aren''t a member of a guild, you are persona non grata: completely outcast from adventuring. That might be fine, except she has her disabled seven-foot-tall brother to take care of. If she can''t find a job to support them both, they''ll be dead in a ditch in a matter of weeks. So now her only hope is a quest from a sketchy cleric who promises only a true hero can save the day. Sylv has a lot of skills…and she''ll need them all to survive this hero''s journey!

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